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ecause we don't even care that it is "unhealthy to claim you love someone you don't know."

They will never take your baby away from you. Do you know why?

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Without giving away too much what should we expect from the show and Aunt Polly?
Helen McCrory: I think when we find Aunt Polly, we knew from the last show that she was the sort of godmother of the Peaky Blinders, and she was all about control, and she was all about putting her voice first, and when we meet her two years later, this is a woman very changed, this is a woman who’s become obsessed with finding her two children who we know from the first series were taken away from her - and not just obsessed with finding them but then the self-questioning and the self-doubt and the self-loathing that comes from, one, allowing them to be taken from her even though she was of course helpless, and secondly wondering what sort of mother and world she’ll bring them into, if she does find them, because of course she lives in a life of violence and crime. So those two elements of doubt and self-doubt start to destroy her. So when we find Polly she’s become much wilder, unhinged, anarchic, and she has to get herself together, so it was really exciting to take her in new directions, and she has an emotional storyline that takes us right the way through the series and packs such a punch by the end. I can’t tell you my last line of the series because it will give it all away! But it was my favourite line. It was a joy to do and Steve Knight gave me a gift of a part, so I’m just gonna be crossing my fingers with everybody else on a Thursday night when I watch it that I haven’t let the side down! (laughs) [ x ]

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#Helen McCrory   #Peaky Blinders   #Aunt Polly  
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Interviewer: An actor brings a part of themselves to every part, so what have you brought of yourself to Aunt Poll?

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Helen McCrory at Peaky Blinders season 2 premiere

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'There is this assumption that a woman my age can't be sexy': Helen McCrory on stripping for action at 46 and giving husband Damian Lewis a run for his money

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