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ecause we don't even care that it is "unhealthy to claim you love someone you don't know."
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Just thought I would pass on some information in case anyone was interested or had tickets to see medea. I went to see the show at the national yesterday and Helen was utterly amazing, she was mesmerising and had the whole stage for 90 minutes. Afterwards I was lucky enough to see her coming out of the stage door and she stopped to take a picture with me, signed my programme with a personalised message and then spent about 10 minutes talking with the crowd, such a lovely woman and so funny!!
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Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This

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30-Day Helen McCrory Challenge
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Which picture of Helen and Damian is your favourite?

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'Helen McCrory is on exceptional form' ( x ) (Picture: Dave Benett)

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"I still see myself as building my career up. But I’d really like to do comedy next. I’d really like to do a comic film. Or a comic play, or comic TV, just comedy. I may just set myself up at the end of the street and tell a few gags.’"
- Helen McCrory -Time Out
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We’re wishing broken legs to all involved in tonight’s press performance of Medea at the National Theatre. We can’t wait for our 4 Sept broadcast!

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store…

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"Plainingly speaking, there are two reasons why the National theatre production of Medea* is all shades of brilliant: The first reason is Helen McCrory. The second reason is everything else. With a play like Medea, it’s prim and proper that a star dominates the story. To McCrory’s credit she does it open-heartedly, and to the production’s credit, she doesn’t eclipse everyone else."
- Review: Medea at the National theatre by Poly Gianniba ( x )
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Helen McCrory as Medea at the National Theatre, photos by Richard Hubert Smith.

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"I was never really interested in fashion when I was young. I was very angry as a teenager, always going on student marches against the poll tax and falling in love with punks."
- Helen McCrory (x)
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